2023 - 2024 Registration Information :

4261 I-55 NORTH
PHONE (601) 362-5083
FAX (601) 981-5777

Hours of Operation:
Regular School Day 8:45-11:45
Early Room 7:45-8:45 (optional on M-F)
Lunch Bunch 11:45-1:45 (optional on M-F)

At the Meadowbrook Preschool, we are committed to the spiritual, social, physical and emotional nurturing of each child. We believe that children learn with their whole bodies by discovering the world around them. We are committed to low student-teacher ratio and encourage parental involvement. Above all, we view each child as a unique gift from God and seek to teach strong Christian principles as well as to provide a solid academic foundation.

Our preschool is state licensed and serves ages six months to PreK4.

Our Mother’s Morning Out program is offered to children ages 6 months to 24 months of age. The program is available for 5 days (M-F), 3 days (MWF) or 2 days (TTh). In our MMO program we focus on learning through play and accommodating each child’s individual needs. To focus on gross motor skills, our youngest students participate in daily music classes and enjoy play time on our playground or in our facility’s Family Center.

Our 2 year old program focuses on learning through play along with following directions, learning to share and playing well with friends. Fine and gross motor skills are developed through imaginative play, story time, art projects and daily music classes. Mastering basic colors, numbers and shapes using a variety of art projects and manipulative rounds out our 2 year old curriculum and makes for a year of fundamental growing and learning. This program is offered 5 days (M-F), 3 days (MWF) or 2 days (TTh).

Our K3 program focuses on recognizing capital letters and their sounds, numbers 0-10, and advanced shapes and colors. Daily music and movement classes and time spent on our playground further develop gross motor skills. Our STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program re-enforces classroom learning while igniting little learners’ curiosity about the world around them. Fine motor skills are enhanced by a curriculum that develops writing and cutting skills. Bible class is a highlight of the week for our 3’s. Hearing favorite Bible stories and singing songs further enhances a busy week at Meadowbrook. Following directions, working in a group and being kind to one another prepare our 3 year olds to move easily to a more structured classroom setting. 5 day and 3 day options are available in this program.

Our K4 program enjoys the Happily Ever After reading program which uses classic children’s literature to build the foundation they need to be successful as they begin formal classroom instruction. Students learn print and book awareness skills, letter recognition, fine and gross motor skills, auditory discrimination, phonological awareness skills, listening, following directions, instructional concepts, vocabulary and much more. Our STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) class encourages early reasoning and problem-solving skills all while learning about the world around them. Our STEM curriculum uses project based learning and hands-on experimentation to provide experiences that support a child’s natural curiosity. Our daily music and movement classes explore a variety of songs and activities that let us practice our rhythm and coordination skills with our friends. We believe that singing and dancing together helps nurture and develop the language, math and social abilities our students will need on life’s journey. 4 year old students are also introduced to a new Bible verse each week that coincides with the letter of the week and also attend Bible Class every Tuesday with the Youth Directors from Meadowbrook Church. Our 4 years olds have busy days but still find time to run free and play on our playground or play indoor games in our Family Center. Our Pre K4 is a 5 day a week program.


2023-2024 Schedule of Tuition & Fees

Registration Fee (non-refundable) $180 per child
$200 After March 1, 2023

MOTHER’S MORNING OUT (6-24 months):

Monthly Tuition:

2 days $240, 3 days $280, 5 days $350


NOTE: The 2 year old (5 day class) is currently FULL

The 2 year old (3 day class) is currently FULL

The 3 year old (5 day and 3 day classes) is currently FULL

The pre-K class is currently FULL

Monthly Tuition:

2 days $230, 3 days $270, 5 days $340

Supply Fee (yearly/non-refundable)

Mother's Morning Out (6-24 months) - $180

Preschool (2-PreK) - 2 days $200.00

Preschool (2-PreK) - 3 days $230.00

Preschool (2-PreK) - 5 days $260.00




School begins in mid August and goes through mid May. Holidays include Labor Day, Fall Break (October), Thanksgiving Week, Christmas Holidays, National Holiday in January, National Holiday in February, Spring Break, and Easter Break.


2022 - 2023 School Year Information :

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2023 - 2024 Registration Information :

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