At Meadowbrook we confess that everything we have belongs to God. He has gifted each one of us with specific resources in the form of time, talents, and finances. However, we believe the Bible teaches we are only managers of what has been entrusted to us. When we truly understand that everything we have is a gift, generosity will overflow from our lives. Giving our money is an act of worship. It is a visible and practical way of returning to God what belongs to God, while at the same time freeing ourselves from the spiritual dangers that come from holding our possessions too tightly.

We rely on the tithes and offerings of our people to continue growing into the church God is creating in and through us. Meadowbrook is an easy place to give to because we regularly see lives being changed as a direct result of faithful giving. Every dollar donated goes toward funding our mission to experience God, extend welcome, equip believers, and engage community. 

We collect an offering on Sunday morning, but many have found it easier and more manageable to give online. To give online right now, click on the give now button below.