Our worship time consists of men and women praying, reading scripture, singing, and a sermon. Some prayers and readings will be read aloud together, and some will be read by a leader. The worship leader will always let you know what to do. The biggest thing you may notice in our worship services is that our singing is done without instruments. Our songs range from ancient chants, to traditional hymns, to the latest contemporary songs. We’ll have all the songs on the screen and a praise team to help you join right in. If you’ve never experienced an a cappella worship, we think you’ll find it meaningful and uplifting.


We treasure our weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper. It’s the centerpiece of our gathering.  Whether you are used to calling this part of the service the Eucharist or Communion,”we think you’ll grow to love this too.  Our time around the table lets us break bread together to remember what Christ has done for us and anticipate the heavenly feast we will one day celebrate with him.


Each week we will also have a point in our service where we share our financial resources to benefit the Kingdom work that is going on through our church family. We have discovered that living a generous life is a rewarding way to live. Giving helps increase our trust in God and lets us be involved in some powerful ministries. If you’re visiting with us, feel free to pass the offering plate right on by. When you’re ready to join our journey, we hope you’ll participate in this discipline.


Our worship service will have a time set aside for a teaching to help us dig into the Bible.  We want to live our lives in rhythm with God’s story. 

Sending / Benediction

Each service concludes with some form of a benediction or commissioning. Sometimes we just want to remind you that God will be with you no matter what you are facing during the week.  Other times we want to send the church out to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Either way, we try to be purposeful in concluding our time together so that what we do in worship really does change our lives.