Monday, February 12, 2018, 12:00 AM

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What is FAVE 5 and why are we doing it? Our church family is always searching for a way to serve people locally and globally in a way that points to Jesus. With an effort called the FAVE 5, our hope is to identify key partnerships that we can serve in a more focused and intentional manner as a church family. We simply want to do everything we can to mobilize Meadowbrook to use our time, money, and prayers to show Jesus’ love to our community. The needs around us can seem overwhelmingly complex but that can’t stop us from being the hands and feet of Jesus. Ideally, once you find out more about these organizations, needs, schedules, you can see how service will fit in with the weekly rhythm of your life. Our prayer is that the FAVE 5 will be a powerful catalyst to join God’s work here in Jackson.

Communication is an important part of the FAVE 5. Church members that are involved with these organizations will be providing updated information about current needs, volunteer schedules, opportunities, supplies, and news.

How did we choose the FAVE 5? First we surveyed the whole church to find out concerns, volunteer activity, areas of interest and to ask for volunteers to serve on a task force. The volunteers on the task force were then asked to take the information given, establish some guidelines, and research all the organizations and opportunities that were named. After all the research was presented, the task force then voted to select the five key partners whose needs we could address with the resources, interest, and spiritual support from our church family.

How will FAVE 5 affect disaster relief? It won’t. It’s absolutely in our DNA as a church to help as we can with disaster relief. Stephen Henderson, Judy Seabrook, Beau Cox and others have done a wonderful job leading us in those efforts in the last year and we will be leaning on their experience again when needed.

Below is the FAVE 5 and a contact person for each organization:

Health Talents International/Guatemala

                  Quinton Dickerson,  

Jackson Public Schools

   Check out this library project; Meadowbrook donated over 800 books to Bailey APAC Middle School.               

Jason Eifling,

Mississippi Food Network

                  Trisha Richardson,

Stewpot Community Services

                  Tony Edwards,

Sunnybrook Children’s Home

                  Chuck Bearman,