03.01.17 | Sermon Series

    Esther: Feasting, Fasting, Laughing, and Mourning in the Face of Uncertainty

    We all go through seasons of uncertainty in our lives. Whenever they come, where can we turn for guidance? The people of Israel faced the ultimate threat of uncertainty: exiled from their home, no state, no king, no army, no land, no temple, and no priests. Would they have a future as a people? This is the backdrop of the book of Esther. Instead of a list of rules and strategies for survival, Esther provides a people facing an uncertain future with a story. It’s a story with heroes and villains, twists and turns, strange coincidences and stunning reversals. Esther is the only book of the Bible in which God is never mentioned by name! Because of this, Esther is the kind of story that creates space for us to explore our own seasons of uncertainty - those times in our lives when the presence of God is not so clear. Join us for 6 weeks as we explore this odd and wonderful book of scripture. Who knows? Perhaps we will discover, even when it’s not so clear, that God is also with us in the midst of uncertain seasons.