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No Place at the Table

02.10.16 | Sermon Series | by Ben Fike

    One of the primary themes in Luke’s gospel is salvation by reversal. Jesus spends time with the marginalized and disposed in his society. These are those who had no place at the table. These are those who had no voice in society, often even...

    Hear the Word and Put it into Practice

    01.06.16 | Sermon Series | by Ben Fike

      Our “anchor gospel” for 2016 is Luke. As you listen to words of Jesus recorded in Luke, you may notice that Jesus’ teaching moves his followers to action. Again and again, Jesus’ teaches that the blessing of God comes to...


      08.16.15 | Sermon Series | by Ben Fike

        The book of Ephesians offers a powerful vision for God’s church. Paul sees the church as a community that embodies the mystery of God revealed through Jesus Christ. What is this mystery? God through Christ is gathering up all things in...

        Who Do You Say That I AM?

        05.22.15 | Sermon Series | by Ben Fike

          This year at Meadowbrook, we’ve adopted the Gospel of Mark as our “anchor gospel.” Although our Adult Spiritual Growth classes and sermon series will cover a variety of other texts and topics throughout the year...

          Resurrection Stories

          04.05.15 | Sermon Series | by Ben Fike

              He is risen! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is absolutely the heart of the Christian faith. In Jesus, God has overcome the forces of darkness and death and now the cross of Christ illuminates all...