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Who Do You Say That I AM?

05.22.15 | Sermon Series | by Ben Fike

    This year at Meadowbrook, we’ve adopted the Gospel of Mark as our “anchor gospel.” Although our Adult Spiritual Growth classes and sermon series will cover a variety of other texts and topics throughout the year...

    Bold and Humility

    04.27.15 | MYG Weekly Devotionals | by Jonathan Woods

      If you have been in church at all you have heard someone talk about having humility. It is expressed as a key factor in what it means to follow Jesus. We are told to not go around being prideful or arrogant because that would stop us from loving...

      Steps to Knowing God

      04.20.15 | MYG Weekly Devotionals | by Jonathan Woods

        If someone came up to you and asked you – Do you know God? What would you say?   I don’t know if you are like me but my first reaction would be to talk about all my knowledge of God. Like all the facts and stories in the Bible...


        04.13.15 | MYG Weekly Devotionals | by Jonathan Woods

          I am currently writing this with a runny nose. It is that time of the year where for a couple weeks people have the constant tissue spree coming out of noses, pockets, and backpacks. For the last couple of weeks my car is not black but...

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