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Winterfest 2015


    Winterfest is a weekend retreat for all middle school and high school teens across the east in Gatlinburg, TN! With over 10,000 teens in attendance, it is one great weekend of fellowship, worship, and learning. Each year there is a specific theme...


    02.16.15 | MYG Weekly Devotionals | by Jonathan Woods

      Do you have an alarm clock set on your phone every morning? Or do you just get up in the morning so eager to go to school that you don’t need an alarm clock? Doubt it. More than likely you hit snooze a couple of times after it goes off or...

      Look in the Mirror

      02.09.15 | MYG Weekly Devotionals

        Have you ever read something or heard a great devotional from someone and thought – “Man I wish so-and-so would have been here cause they really need to hear that!” Maybe it is your friend or parents or someone you know that is...


        02.02.15 | MYG Weekly Devotionals | by Jonathan Woods

          // Watch this 45-second video before continuing \ Amazing, right? I thought it was crazy and kind of mind blowing. We have talked before about the amazing ability of artist to take everyday objects and make something beautiful out of it before...


          01.26.15 | MYG Weekly Devotionals | by Jonathan Woods

            I know you hate traffic. I know this because I don’t think there is anyone on the planet that gets excited about driving (or riding) down the road to see a sea of brake lights getting closer and closer to them. It gets you frustrated. It...

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