Hurricane Ida

  • Sep 1, 2021

Meadowbrook’s Disaster Relief Team is keeping watch on Hurricane Ida and its impact on Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and the Gulf Coast to determine what our church can do to assist. We will be checking with our members first to determine if there are any needs. If you have relatives or friends who need assistance, please let one of the team members know.

Several well-established organizations exist now to provide disaster relief and Meadowbrook has partnered in the past with the Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team (DRT) located in Tipp City, Ohio. They are very well organized and quick to respond. The latest comments from DRT:

“We are in the process of assessing the needs and the area where DRT is most needed….Our Hurricane Ida relief effort will be in addition to our work in Wavery and McEwen, TN….The remnants of Hurricane Ida will also trek through the same area in Tennessee….With all of these disasters and the amount of rebuilding we do, it is very costly. Your donations and volunteering are what help families get back into their homes.” Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team (churchesofchristdrt.org)

Until a damage assessment has been made by the appropriate authorities, there is not much Meadowbrook can do at this time other than provide financial assistance. If and when we can provide hands on support or purchase supplies to support rebuilding efforts, we will make that known. In the meantime, if you would like to provide financial support, please make checks payable to Meadowbrook Church and indicate Disaster Relief in the memo line. You can also donate online and choose the Disaster Relief option. We will collect these donations and forward on to DRT.

Updates will be provided on a regular basis as more information becomes available. Continue to pray for those who have been affected by the Hurricane and for Meadowbrook’s participation.

Meadowbrook Disaster Relief Team

Judy Seabrook

Larry Stowe

Joe Patterson