Our Heart, Our Mission, Our Future



At this significant moment in the life of the Meadowbrook Church, we commit ourselves to being rooted in the central values that have shaped us from the beginning (our heart), a defining focus that will guide our decisions and our service (our mission), and an overriding vision of a future that reflects our particular circumstances (our future).



  1. We are committed to experiencing and serving God. 

    The beginning of every program, activity, worship gathering, and act of discipleship at Meadowbrook is centered on God. Our desire is to love God fully, to serve God faithfully, to believe God’s word, to receive God’s grace, to be redeemed by God’s Son, to be filled with God’s Spirit, to share God’s Good News, and to care for the world and the people God created.
  1. We welcome and work with others.

    We welcome and bless all whom we encounter as God has welcomed and blessed us. We proclaim the Gospel boldly and gently, we receive others whose opinions may differ from our own, and we discuss disputable matters with openness and grace. As heirs of a movement committed to Christian unity, we partner whenever possible with other believers for the good of the kingdom.
  1. We equip every believer.

    We believe we are, by grace, God's called-out people, God's church. As members of God's family, we are committed to building each other up, encouraging one another to be committed disciples of Jesus, nurturing each person toward full maturity in Christ.
  1. We engage and serve our community. 

    As Meadowbrook members, we are residents of the greater Jackson area, working and worshiping in this particular locale. As ambassadors for Christ, we are committed to engaging this community, this city, and ultimately the world, serving and sharing with purpose, sensitivity, conviction, and grace.









In view of the long history of the Meadowbrook Church of Christ, we believe we stand at a critical juncture. Since our congregation’s establishment in 1961, many things have changed: the times, the culture, our city, our neighborhood, and even Churches of Christ. 

Yet we know that Christ has not changed, the gospel has not changed, our reason for existing has not changed. In fact, our core values are largely the same as they were when the congregation was established 53 years ago. The question is how we will express those values in our changing circumstances. 

At this crucial moment in our history, we trust that God is leading us boldly into his future. We believe God has called us to this place and to this time so that we would make a difference here and now, that God has set for us his preferred and promised future. We are committed to listening to God’s call, being obedient to his word, and searching for the best way to serve him, one another, and our community.